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Technohive.net is a Software Development and Information Technology Sharing Environment Company in the Philippines. It is one of the newly established and active company for Information and Communication Technology in the country.

It was founded on April 2020 by Ronnie Luriaga, a BS Computer Science graduate, and fellow STIer’s CECON (Tem Malinao), also a BS Computer Science graduate, both finished their bachelor’s degree at STI College – Ormoc, Ormoc City, Philippines.

As a new player in software development and is committed to sharing information to the world to all the people, Technohive.net team would like to bring the best to all of its clients, subscribers and readers.

It is their ultimate dream that someday you will be part of the community where everybody collaborates. Get in touch for more updates because one of the company’s goal is to make great technology for the people in order to simplify their web, mobile and digital experiences.

Are you ready? So #let’sTechnoHiveIT.

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Our Mission

We are committed to bringing the highest quality of service on the web and mobile apps development and providing valuable information about the latest news, on-demand reviews and step-by-step guides in the field of information and communication technology to another level in the Philippines.

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Our Vision

A competitive and inspiring company in the country for web and mobile apps development and information technology sharing environment.

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